The team

We are based in Iceland

A. Jóhann Árnason is the managing director and founder of Súrefni Icelandic Carbon Fund, a business administration & computer science graduate with executive education from the Judge School of Business in Cambridge with a focus on Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies.


The co-owner of Surefni is Egill Örn Magnússon, an international business analyst.


A. Johann



Rafael Moya

Project manager

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Egill Örn



Julia Kessler


about the scc

Súrefni Certified Credits

our story

SCC formally began operations in the early summer of 2021. The idea was born many years earlier. The problem was clear: Catasrophic climate change was real - and The Paris Agreement would charge everyone with addressing it. ​


SCC helps everyone take responsibility for their pollution, one certified carbon credit at a time.

our vision

Although the goals of the Paris Agreement are great, there is still a lot of ignorance, unrealistic plans and corruption when it comes to sustainable actions.


The SCC vision is that certified carbon credits can bridge the gap between idealism, practical actions and certified and confirmed sustainability.


Certified credits prove the high statements and lofty goals.

our values
  • Reliability

  • Transparency

  • Society

All of SCC's operations are subject to auditing by international auditing services and all processes will be reviewed and approved by them, as well as a gap analysis based on a limited assurance on all our operations.

All of SCC's projects will be certified by a third party VVB certification body with the 14065 certification to evaluate such projects.

All SCC projects will be listed in the International Carbon Registry (ICR) or a similar carbon registry