your business can achieve net zero

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The My Journey to Zero dashboard 

will soon be ready.

Managers will be able to log in their emissions, trade certified carbon credits and publish the results in a publishable format.

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In the coming years, corporate responsibility and sustainability will be an essential part of a company's structure and DNA.

As regulators increasingly regulate businesses around the world, maintaining carbon neutrality will become increasingly vital.

SCC helps your business stay ahead of the curve, exceed stakeholder expectations and reap the benefits of carbon neutrality.

Why offset
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Putting all the pieces together can be a difficult process. We focus on the details so you don't have to.


SCC offers companies of all sizes a customized portfolio of carbon offset projects specific to your business.

The first step is always to reduce and prevent as much as you can. But the research all agrees: reduction simply isn't good not enough.

Book an appointment with our specialists and learn how you can offset your emissions with ease!

Working Together on Project

Lítil skrifstofa

20 starfsmenn


Vottaður útreikningur hjá ReSource International

Umfang jöfnunar

Umfang eitt, umfang tvö og hluti umfangs þrjú

Kolefnisspor á ári

10 tonn CO2 á ári

Heildartími afgreiðslu

Um tvær vikur

Heildarkostnaður við kolefnisjöfnun

Milli 100-200 þ. kr.


SCC helped us along our journey to zero from day one and created with us a great project in the Surefni forest.


Great collaboration that continues to grow.

Geir, manager at Hringras recycling

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